Lebanese in the World Wars

Only two decades after the end of the Civil War, the first wave of Lebanese immigrants arrived in the Americas. Starting in 1880, hundreds made their way from Hammana and other areas of Lebanon to North Carolina to work and start a new life. By World War I in 1914, and during World War II starting in 1939, Lebanese-Americans could be seen at war fighting for the United States.

Ernest Heeder, the great-uncle of Ernie and Eddie Mansour of Goldsboro, NC, was stationed in France during World War I where he served as a medic.  Joseph Salem fought in both World Wars for the United States, but the photos below are just from his wartime contribution in World War II.  Edward Tanoury also fought in World War II with the navy. Five Shadouri brothers fought in World War II (Richard, Peter, Alfred, Paul and John), garnering recognition around the state. Peter Joseph Shadouri is featured in these photos.

If your family members fought in the World Wars and you have photos, we’d love to see them!

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