January Newsletter is here!

Here’s our January newsletter. If you’d like to be featured in the next issue, please let us know! Click here if you missed our December newsletter.

We’d like to thank Mr. Phillip Baddour who has generously donted $500 to help fund the 2014 museum exhibit dedicated to the history of the Lebanese in North Carolina. The museum exhibit on the history of the Lebanese in North Carolina will open at the NC Museum of History in February 2014 (and subsequently tour 3 other museums in NC) will cost a total of $120,000.

We are honored to feature George Kahdy from Chapel Hill, NC in our Community Spotlight this month.


3 responses on “January Newsletter is here!

  1. Raja Khalifah says:

    Caroline, The name for George Kahdy is misspelled in your tag. I assume it is incorrect. BTW, my sister Lena in Houston who reads you blog mentioned that the daughter of our first cousin in Beirut is married to someone from that village and with the same name. I hope she brings the story to their attention. Raja.

    1. nclebanese says:

      Raja, thank you! It should be fixed now. I too hope Lena brings the story to their attention!


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