Museum exhibit week!

One of the Project’s major goals in 2013 is to curate an interactive museum exhibition hosted by the North Carolina Museum of History in early 2014.

Like most of our goals, we are using this as an opportunity for advocacy,
education and outreach. But, we are also challenging ourselves to push the
limits of historical storytelling to a new level. We are accomplishing these
goals by collaborating with computer scientists, graphic designers and
museum experts to expand our homegrown community and to draw on the
expertise in our great state! Check out a list of our collaborators here.

This week, check out the blog for updates on 3 areas of our development:

Video gaming stations

Graphic design elements

Content of the exhibit

If any of you, faithful readers, would like to get involved in one or more
of these areas, please let me know! We’d love to have more community
members support this exhibit.

Stay tuned!

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