Museum exhibit: Video gaming stations

There’s no better way to understand the struggles, accomplishments, obstacles and life-changing choices of early Lebanese immigrants than to play one in a video game!

As I mentioned in the last post, we are using this week as an opportunity to update the community on our progress on developing the museum exhibit!

We are working with Dr. Tiffany Barnes (you can read her bio here), an Associate Professor of Computer Science at NC State University and several of her undergraduate and graduate students to develop interactive gaming stations where exhibit visitors will have a chance to delve into the minds of early immigrants as they prepare to leave Lebanon. Throughout the physical exhibit, we will have kiosks where another stage of the immigrants’ journeys will be illustrated and where visitors can make decisions about their future. Take a look at the images she and her team developed in the slide show below. Tiffany and her team are collaborating with Akram, graphic designer, Parsa Beheshti and computer graphic illustrator Lauren Khater along with the wonderful team at the North Carolina Museum of History to develop a storyline accurate with what we know of early immigrants. The team is also using the growing online archive of images and movies donated by the community as inspiration in creating the video game. The next post will focus on the graphic design elements of the museum exhibit.

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