Digital humanities

One of our 2013 goals is to increase awareness and support of the Project in academia. Our home base is North Carolina State University and we are proud to be working with both academic and non-academic partners in order to broaden this community endeavor.

Yesterday, I was doing some reading for an upcoming conference where the Project will be featured and I came across this quote, which sums up how we are producing our work (hint: collaboratively!) and a possible reason it’s successful (hint: it blends traditional approaches to humanities with new methods that increase creativity and innovation!)

Digital humanities is born of the encounter between traditional humanities and computational methods. With the migration of cultural materials into networked environments, questions regarding the production, availability, validity and stewardship of theses materials present new challenges and opportunities for humanists. In contrast with most traditional forms of scholarship, digital approaches are conspicuously collaborative and generative, even as they remain grounded in the traditions of humanistic inquiry. This changes the culture of humanities work as well as the question that can be asked of the materials and objects that compromise the humanistic corpus.

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