Women in Lebanon: Living Together and Facing Modernity

Today, the African and Middle Eastern Reading Room at the Library of Congress hosted Professor Marie-Claude Thomas, a Lebanese-born French scholar teaching at the United States Naval Academy. Her talk “Women in Lebanon: Living Together and Facing Modernity” included academic research conducted in France, Lebanon and the United States. She also weaved oral histories into her talk that she conducted with women of all ages in Lebanon including a few from her hometown.

As you all know, this Project was founded on the need to capture oral histories of our community as a way to break the silence in the official record of North Carolina history. You can read about the importance of conducting these oral testimonies in an earlier post, here. So, I was so excited to see that Professor Thomas cited these semi-structured conversations as primary evidence of the way in which Lebanese women navigate home, work, marriage, tradition and an ever-changing cultural landscape.

This talk was drawn from portions of her recently released book, Women in Lebanon: Living with Christianity, Islam and Multiculturalism. Check out some photos of Thomas’ talk and the beautiful African and Middle Eastern Studies Reading Room! For all of you Washington, D.C area readers, the Reading Room hosts regular events focused on various aspects of the region. Their website linked at the top of this post includes a calendar of events. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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