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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Khayrallah Program for Lebanese Studies Booth this past Saturday! We happily debuted information about the upcoming museum exhibit opening in February 2014 at the North Carolina State Museum of History in downtown Raleigh.

The most exciting part of the festival?!Besides the delicious food, skilled dancers, and friendly faces, we once again heard the voices of the community. The community has been and still is integral to telling the Lebanese narrative.

The Khayrallah Program was established in 2010 to research, preserve, and share the history of North Carolina’s Lebanese community from the 1880s to today. The program has been gathering the community’s history through interviews, photographs, and memorabilia and shared this material in its online archive, the PBS documentary Cedars in the Pines, and its K-12 curriculum.

Here’s where you come in…

If you did not have the chance to stop by the festival, or our booth, please take a minute to check out the panel design and help us out by answering a few questions! Leave a comment below, or email us at lebanesenc@gmail.com

Help us define the smells of Lebanese heritage! An exhibit should be more than words on a wall. It should be an interactive, sensory experience, which is why we want to incorporate scents and smells.

What kinds of smells do you associate with your Lebanese heritage?
What scents represent Lebanon?

The Lebanese community has been here in North Carolina for over 100 years.  So what does it mean to be Lebanese American?

How do you keep your Lebanese culture alive?

What heritage do you celebrate?

How have you blended Lebanese and American traditions?

Where did you learn these traditions?

Are we missing something important?

What do YOU want to see in the exhibit?

What would you be willing to loan to the exhibit?



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