Moussa Domit collection

Hello faithful readers! Happy summer! We know that the Lebanese community here in North Carolina schedules a lot of travel over the summer season to Lebanon and other areas to visit family, friends, or explore new places. So, if you are checking in on the Project through this blog or on Facebook, we have an exciting addition to the archive collection. With big thanks to Maggie Domit Bennett, the Moussa Domit Collection found here is available online. We are adding a few more items to the collection, but it’s already such a diverse set of documents, photographs and book covers. As you’ll see in the photos below, Mr. Moussa Domit was quite accomplished in the art world including in his role as Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art located in Raleigh from 1974-1980 and Trustee in 2008. He made significant strides in bringing the museum to the forefront of cultural institutions in the state and recognized nation-wide.

  In his collection, you can also find mentions of his family tree (tracing back 13 generations), his wife Yvette and family as well as numerous images from photo and art books in which Moussa was featured. An archive tip: Some documents spell his surname “Domit” while others spell it “Doumit.” If you are conducting a search through the Search Box, either spelling will bring up his materials. If you would like to contribute your family’s archive to the project, contact us here!

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