September newsletter is here!

A note from Director, Dr. Akram Khater:

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to attach the September issue of the Lebanese in North Carolina newsletter. We surely hope that you will enjoy it!

A couple of requests:

We are in need of more objects for the museum exhibit. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Cooking implements that are specifically Lebanese (maamoul molds, old fashioned coffee grinders, etc…)
  • Passports or IDs especially from the Ottoman period, but also from more a contemporary period.
  • Religious iconography and artifacts (images, statues, rosaries, religious texts, etc…)
  • Old currency from the Ottoman period, early Lebanese Lira, and more recent ones.

We would love to collect more stories and photos for your archive. Please contact me for that purpose.

Finally, until we open the exhibit in February 2014, the newsletter will be issued every other month to allow us to concentrate more fully on completing the preparations for the exhibit. So, you will receive the next issue of the newsletter the first week in November

Warmest regards,


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