What’s happening with the exhibit?

Hello friendly community!


For the last year, the team here at the Khayrallah Program for Lebanese-American Studies has been working to develop, plan, design, draft and envision a full-scale exhibit to be housed at the NC Museum of History (pictured left) starting in February 2014. Like all aspects of the projects we engage in accomplishing, we work closely with the Lebanese-American community, NC residents and students at NC State University (both graduate and undergraduate). Working together, these efforts represent a collective understanding of the history and its narrative. In essence, the process of making public this history is aligned with the history itself.

The museum exhibit has relied on numerous students in various stages of the planning. The next two weeks on this blog will feature those voices to provide updates on the work they are doing individually and as teams to prepare for the unveiling.

You have all done so much to support the Project and our endeavors in researching, preserving, and publicizing the rich history of the Lebanese-AmericanGhazir 1893 community in North Carolina. As we approach February 2014, when we are set to unveil a full-scale museum exhibit at the NC Museum of History, we are still accepting donations to help us reach our goal. Every bit counts in helping us bring the history of the community to NC residents.

Please visit our Donations page here. You can read about the generosity of community members who have already donated in our monthly Newsletters here.

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