Museum Update 1: Progress!

Cedars in the pines-final copy 2

We’ve got a lot happening on the museum front! Here we’ll introduce a few team members and let you know the steps we are taking to pull it all together!

Guest blogger, Margie Merod, Assistant Director, Lebanese in North Carolina Project

As a new semester starts at NC State the Cedars in the Pines exhibit is making rapid progress.

  • Two new members have joined the team: Mandy Benter, who is in charge of educational programming, and Soroush Khajegi, who is making elevation drawings of the exhibit layout to present the NC Museum of History at the end of September.
  • Dr. Khater is overseeing the finishing touches on the exhibit’s digital interactives, such as a video game where kids are put in the decision making shoes of an early immigrant and an X-box game that teaches visitors how to dabke.
  • The exhibit text has just been sent to the graphic designer, Parsa Beheshti, after a summer of vigorous editing.
  • Now, the team is largely focused on the collection of artifacts and props for the exhibit headed by Margie Merod and Cathy Semones.

Stay tuned for another museum exhibit update!

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