Museum Update 4: Objects! Artifacts! Memorabilia!

Guest Blogger: Margie Merod, Assistant Director, The Lebanese in North Carolina Project No matter what you call them, we are collecting them! We’re finally at one of the most anticipated and important points in the exhibit preparation: Artifact Collection. Artifacts are essential to a museum exhibit School004because without them, you just have a book on a wall. We’ve reached out to the community for temporary artifact donations. So far we’ve received a WWII Naval uniform, three family portraits, family reunion memorabilia, a cook book, and an Arabic teaching ledger. More objects are constantly on the way! Meanwhile, Cathy Semones and I are searching for exhibit props and objects at local antique stores.  Among other things, they are looking for a kitchen table and cooking props and old trunks to add ambiance to two sections of the exhibit. They recently had success locating an old school desk that will be used in the exhibit’s education section. A bit more about Margie: Marjorie Merod, Assistant Director of the Khayrallah Program for Lebanese American Studies, collaborates on all levels of the project with a primary focus on exhibit development and research. Her public history training and ten years experience with genealogical research contribute invaluably to the growth of the exhibit, online archive, and the preservation of personal stories and analytical data about the Lebanese community in North Carolina. She received her M.A. in Public History from North Carolina State University in 2012.

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