Stories From 2013

Jul 19, 2013

Moussa Domit collection

Hello faithful readers! Happy summer! We know that the Lebanese community here in North Carolina schedules a lot of travel over the summer season to Lebanon and other areas to visit family, friends, or explore new places. So, if you […]

Jun 13, 2013

1.5M Americans of Arab descent: Breaking down the Census report for Lebanese-Americans

If you follow our Facebook page or if you keep up with breaking news of the Census (!), you know that the Census’ ongoing survey called American Community Survey (ACS) just released a short report and accompanying statistics that reflect […]

Jun 11, 2013

Our Newspaper Collection is growing!

For anyone that’s been perusing our archival collection recently, you’ll know that we are constantly adding material. In the last month, the biggest concentration has been in the Newspaper Collection where we now have 224 (and counting!) materials specifically newspaper […]

Jun 7, 2013

We will be at the Library of Congress in September

The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress is hosting a symposium called “Cultural Heritage Archives: Networks, Innovation & Collaboration” from September 26-27 in Washington, DC. We have been selected as one of the Project’s that best exemplifies new […]

Jun 5, 2013

2013 Summer Institute for Educators

As you may know, the Lebanese in North Carolina Project has been working with state-based educators in a collaboration designed to increase awareness of global influences in the state, foster a deeper knowledge of the role of Lebanese-Americans on the […]

Jun 4, 2013

Donate your artifacts to the exhibit!

In preparation for our 2014 museum exhibit, Cedars in the Pines, at the North Carolina Museum of History, we are asking the community to consider loaning the project artifacts, objects, heirlooms, original photographs, and documents to showcase the long and […]

May 1, 2013

Anatomy of an artifact

“Feeding silk-worms their breakfast of mulberry leaves, Mt. Lebanon, Syria” This photograph from Underwood and Underwood publishers is actually a stereograph, what some consider the original 3-D image.This stereograph depicts a silk worm farmer and his assistant feeding silk worms […]

Apr 29, 2013

Lebanese in Kansas, oh my!

When I started working on this project, among the first questions that people asked me included: Wait, there are Lebanese people in North Carolina? And when I answered affirmatively, they followed up with, Are there a lot of them? Questions […]

Apr 24, 2013

Map of Ottoman Empire

“Turkey in Asia” map from the New Encyclopedia Atlas and Gazetteer¬†is a great find that may have a place in the museum exhibit in 2014!

Apr 22, 2013

We were at NCPH this year!

The National Council on Public History¬†and the International Federation of Public History held its annual conference from April 17-20 in Ottawa, Ontario. This year’s theme, “Knowing your Public(s)-The Significance of Audiences in Public History” brought an¬†interdisciplinary group to Canada’s capital […]