Bulk up your collection!

Don’t see your family name in the illustration below? That probably means that you aren’t among the 29 families who have donated their images, documents, and stories that bring to life the history and culture of Lebanese-Americans in NC. Family Collections in Archive I know there are many more families who have contributed to the Project in other ways, even as a reader of this blog or a participant in events! So, if you are donating for the first time, or if you would like to add to your existing collection, let me know at cmuglia@gmail.com. You can donate to the archive, or to our YouTube channel. For those of you who have contributed, but don’t see your name, it’s coming! We are working on updating the collections now! Here are the names again:

  • Abed (Charles)
  • Abed (Itani, Abdul Salam, Faye, and Natalie)
  • Abou-Chakra
  • Al-Chacar
  • Baddour
  • Bracewell
  • Daye (Dayyeh)
  • Dorroll
  • El-Khouri
  • Findlen
  • Habit
  • Ishak
  • Kannan
  • Khalifah
  • Khayrallah
  • Mack
  • Mansour
  • Moussa
  • Moussa/Abdulbaki
  • Nasrallah
  • Raad
  • Rabil
  • Saleeby
  • Saleh
  • Salem
  • Shadroui
  • Shehdan
  • Tanoury
  • Zaytoun


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