WLCU Honors Moise and Vera Khayrallah


This month, World Lebanese Cultural Union, profiled Moise and Vera Khayrallah, for the “Lebanese Heritage” Series. Founded in 1960, WLCU is  an international, secular, non-denominational, non-profit organization sponsored by the Government of Lebanon but working independently in cooperation with Lebanese emigrants abroad, representing the Lebanese Diaspora in the world.

The article does a great job telling Moise and Vera’s story from their arrival to the United States.

Moise Khayrallah came to the US in 1983. He left his hometown Ghbaleh – (Ftouh-Kesseruan region) at the age of 24, one week after he wedded Vera Tayeh. He and his wife left a war torn country leaving behind family and friends, to take a leap into an unknown future. If you were in Beirut at the time, you might still remember the sights, the smell and the sound of the war. Beirut airport opening intermittently allowed them to leave Lebanon and landed in RDU not knowing anyone in NC.

Moise and Vera Khayrallah

Over the years, Moise and Vera have made sweeping contributions not only to the Lebanese-American community, but also the community of North Carolinians in the Triangle and throughout the state. The article concludes,

Thirty years ago, a young, newlywed couple, left loved ones behind and ventured into the unknown future together. Today, they are the pillar of our Lebanese community. They continue to share their love, pride, and appreciation to our common denominator, Lebanon, regardless of religion or political views, setting an example for future generations. Indeed a legacy to be proud of!

Here at The Lebanese in North Carolina Project, we are grateful for Moise and Vera’s kindness, insight, generosity and leadership in all that they do. We are proud to be part of the Lebanese-American community along with them!

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