Zaffee dance!

One of the highlights of the opening reception of Cedars in the Pines museum exhibit was the performance from the Triangle Lebanese Association’s Dabkeh troupe. The dancers infused the evening with so much energy and spirit and we are so grateful for their presence. Here are some photos courtesy of North Carolina Museum of History photographers.  All reposts of these photos must include a credit to the museum. Do not republish without permission from Tricia Blakistone,, Webmaster and Librarian.

For more information, check out Triangle Lebanese Association on Facebook.

3 responses on “Zaffee dance!

  1. Lana Nasrallah says:

    The Triangle Lebanese Association Adult Dabke Group was over joyed to take part in and support this event! We really enjoyed the exhibit! Thank you for having us!

  2. nclebanese says:

    Lana, Great to see you and thank you for your contribution to the exhibit! As we said in the post, the dancers brought so much energy and excitement to the event. I have a video that I will upload sometime this weekend. Some clips are really fun!

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