I am Lebanese: Mover & Shaker

Director of the Khayrallah Program, Dr. Akram Khater was recently named a “Mover and Shaker” by I Am Lebanese, a “non profit initiative created to increase the number of Lebanese citizens, regardless of age, political or religious affiliation. Our global network facilitates Lebanese citizenship and aims to develop the connection between Lebanon and the global Lebanese diaspora.”

I Am Lebanese conducted a great interview with Akram, which you can find here. Some highlights include:

What makes you Lebanese?  My belief in the ideal of Lebanon as a cross-roads of ideas, cultures, peoples and civilization.

My favorite Lebanese dish is Laban Immo W’Roz

Beach or Mountains?  Mountains

Akram’s in great company with other “Movers and Shakers” including author Salma Abdelnour, chef and writer Bethany Kehdy, and inventor and tech developer Hadi El Khoury.

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