Sep 20, 2017

Phoenician or Arab, Lebanese or Syrian ~ Who were the early Immigrants to America?

This article is authored by Dr. Akram Khater, Director of the Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies and Khayrallah Distinguished Professor of Lebanese Diaspora Studies, and Professor of History at NC […]

Sep 30, 2015

Latin America & the Arab World: One Hundred Years of Migration

This post is written by Lily Balloffet, the 2015-2016 Khayrallah Center Post-Doc Fellow. Read our interview with Lily from March where she discusses her dissertation topic of Arabic speaking immigrant communities […]

May 27, 2015

Sneak Peek: Mapping Syrian-American businesses

In 1908 Salloum Mokarzel (the brother of Naoum Mokarzel, the publisher of Al-Huda, one of the earliest Arabic newspapers in the US)  and H.F. Otash published an Arabic/English directory of the businesses owned […]

Mar 11, 2015

Meet the Khayrallah Center’s New Post-Doc Fellow: Lily Balloffet

This interview was conducted over email with Caroline Muglia, who works with the Khayrallah Center. Lily Balloffet is the winner of the 2015-2016 Middle East Diaspora Post Doctoral Fellowship, a […]

Jan 28, 2015

Lebanese in the Brazilian National Market

This article is written by John Tofik Karam  is a core faculty member in the Latin American and Latino Studies program at DePaul University in Chicago.  His research and teaching interests are […]

Sep 17, 2013

Our Director in National Geographic!

Dr. Akram Khater, the Director of the Khayrallah Program for Lebanese-American Studies is at it again. In case you’re wondering, we’re not certain he sleeps either! This time he provides […]

Jul 29, 2013

Helen Thomas, 1920-2013

He left his home in Tripoli, Syrian now Tripoli, Lebanon, in the 1890s as a teenager. He had only a few cents in his pocket and a talisman containing the […]

Oct 1, 2012

“The stand” in 1895-1896 Wilmington

Newspapers in Wilmington, NC featured regular updates on the Syrian (Lebanese) immigrant community in the small town. The “stand” referred to in both articles is a peddler’s stand where foodstuffs, […]

Jul 23, 2012

Wine and Olive Diet

In 1896, the Fayetteville Observer noted (about halfway through the article) that “a number of Syrians” received a case of wine and olives from Damascus.”  “To the unitiated,” they reported, the […]